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We were born almost by chance like the most beautiful things in life ..

A conversation between a fashion designer and a dreamer dedicated to the world of communication, made, what is known today as, brokenbasics a reality.

In front of the brand and behind each of the details is Blanca, the writer of these lines.

The idea of being able to create my own fashion brand was always on my mind, though it seemed rather unlikely. In such a globalized world, also in terms of fashion, it seemed like a novel idea, the ability to create unique garments where you put something of yourself in them.

Today I am here, heading brokenbasics, shaping my dream into reality day by day.

We have devoted a lot of time and attention to detail during the production process of each piece. Staying true to the broken basics style we have been inspired by basic lines combined with details that give a final style to the garment, quality materials and designs full of femininity and delicacy.

The needs and tastes of the modern bride have changed, she is more practical and versatile than ever before. She has a clear vision and wants to stay true to her style and wear something that is truly flattering to her figure. That’s the reason We have designed the entire collection with a clear objective; designs that are flettering, that empower, to give even more strength to her personality and a means for each bride to express herself.



We don’t work by seasons, every time we feel like creating a new model we make it happen.
We work with exclusively with the highest quality fabrics. The entire process of fabrication,from start to finish, have been carried out in Spain, an essential part of the way we understand and create fashion.



If you like any of our garments but want to make some changes or applications the best is make an appointment with us in order to visit our Showroom or one of our authorized points of sale.
In case you can’t please send us any inquiries by email at, we will try to make it happen.