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General information

The URL (hereinafter the Website) is a registered domain registered by BROKEN BASICS S.L (hereinafter, Brokenbasics) with an office registered at Calle Rector Ubach 57 Entrtesuelo 1ª, 08021 BARCELONA y C.I.F B 67597112

This website is informative and exclusively for personal use, with the purpose of facilitating knowledge to the general public, and to their mutualists in particular, of the products and services offered by Brokenbasics. Access to the website is, in principle, free, notwithstanding that the contracting of products or services through the website is subject to financial consideration. The user agrees not to use the website or the information offered therein for activities contrary to law, morality or public order, and to respect the conditions of use established by Brokenbasics, accepting, accordingly, the terms and conditions of use established in this legal notice. The contents, products and services included in this website and any other related or linked site to it are addressed to Users and / or mutual or potential mutualists residing in Spain.


Intellectual and industrial property

Brokenbasics is the owner of the Intellectual Property and has the rights of ownership over the content of this website, including, but not limited to, software, graphic design, codes, fonts, texts, images, videos, trademarks, logos or distinctive signs, and It has the necessary permits for its use, under the protection of what is contained in the current and applicable regulations. Access and navigation by users does not imply, in any case, waiver, transmission, license or transfer of any intellectual and industrial property rights held by Brokenbasics. Modification, copying, reproduction, downloading, transmission, distribution or transformation of the contents of the Website, without the express consent of its titleholder, is prohibited. Any download that may occur in the user’s terminal will be duly indicated and enabled, always for private use. The reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, modification, assignment, and any other act that has not been expressly authorized by Brokenbasics are prohibited. Injury by third parties of the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights or any other right over the content of this website, owned by Brokenbasics, will give rise to the legally established responsibilities. It is prohibited for the user to transmit any data from the website, that infringe the property rights of third parties, and whose content is threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or the transmission of any other material that constitutes or incites a conduct that can be considered a criminal offense, being exempted from Brokenbasics liability. References to trademarks and registered trademarks or distinctive signs, whether owned by Brokenbasics or third-party companies, imply a prohibition on their use without the consent of Brokenbasics or its legitimate owners. At no time, unless expressly stated, access or use of the Web site and / or its contents, gives the user any right over the brands, logos, and / or distinctive signs included therein. All the information contained in this Website, its graphic design and the HTML, CSS, JAVA, JAVA Script or Active X language code constitutes a work whose intellectual property belongs to Brokenbasics and is protected by the Intellectual Property Law.


Web content and links

The information contained on this website may not be completely accurate; Therefore, Brokenbasics, is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or losses due to the accuracy, completeness or truthfulness of said information, nor for the use by third parties of the content of this website, nor for possible errors in access to it, sole responsibility falling to the person who accesses or uses them. At the same time, Brokenbasics reserves the right to temporarily suspend accessibility to the website when necessary, without prior notice for any action and / or correction of its contents and / or utilities. This website contains links to external pages, Brokenbasics not being responsible for the contents of said pages, the responsibility being that of the user, which must be governed by the terms and conditions of use of the pages consulted. Brokenbasics merely warns of the informative presence of links on the Brokenbasics website to other pages not belonging to Brokenbasics companies and in no case implies suggestion, invitation, sponsorship, endorsement and/or recommendation thereof by Brokenbasics. At the same time the establishment of any hyperlink from a Web page must be made to the main page of the Web site, it is prohibited to make total or partial reproductions of any of the services contained in the Brokenbasics website, Brokenbasics warns that the use of the Website by the user and the application of the information that it contains, are of his or her own responsibility, and furthermore, does not guarantee that by accessing other Web sites through links he or she will not be exposed to information that is insensitive or that may cause him or her damages.



Brokenbasics will not be liable for possible damages or losses that could be derived from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of this electronic system, incurred by causes beyond Brokenbasics control, or delays or blockages in the Use of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines or overloads in the Brokenbasics Intranet, in the Internet system or in other electronic systems, as well as damages that may be caused by third parties through illegitimate interference beyond the control of Brokenbasics. Brokenbasics is exempt from all liability arising from the exchange of information between users through its websites. The responsibility for the statements spread on their websites corresponds to those who make them.


Social Networks

Through shortcuts to social networks, Brokenbasics makes available to the user all corporate, commercial, or related information about events in which Brokenbasics participates. The ultimate goal is to be able to be present in all those forums where, the activity and services of Brokenbasics, can provide solutions and revisions with added value to the concerns of Internet users interested in the services offered by Brokenbasics -, establishing new forms of communication with their Target audience Brokenbasics is exempt from any responsibility in relation to opinions and / or comments expressed by users on social networks where Brokenbasics has its own spaces and that violate or may violate the rights of third parties, not being under the direct control of – Brokenbasics. Likewise, Brokenbasics assumes no responsibility for the content of any forum or debate in cyberspaces (chats), newsletters or any type of transmissions, which are linked to this website and will cooperate, if required by court order or by the relevant authorities, in the identification of the people responsible for those contents that violate the law. Likewise Brokenbasics, does not assume responsibility for comments, opinions or information expressed in social networks or other media by employees and / or its collaborators, which have not been previously authorized or recognized by the entity. Brokenbasics is exempt from all liability arising from the exchange of information between users through its websites. Responsibility for the disseminated manifestations corresponds to those who carry them out. Brokenbasics reserves the right, in accordance with the norms established in the different social networks and the current legislation, to moderate or withdraw those comments that could be injurious, false or damage the corporate image, either by the means established by the different social networks, or requesting the holders of their withdrawal. Brokenbasics also reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including judicial actions, in order to safeguard its integrity, image and trust of users in the use of its services and products.


Modification of the terms and conditions of use

These general conditions and the particular conditions that may be established, and with the wording they present at any time, have an indefinite duration, and will remain in effect as long as the website continues to be active. Brokenbasics reserves, in any case, the unilateral right to modify the conditions of access to them, as well as their content. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to observe its content and compliance at all times.


Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The parties expressly agree that for any question, dispute or controversy that may arise regarding the present conditions of use, contents, commercial activities, products and services, Spanish law will apply, expressly agreeing to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid .